Trash Chutes


Midland Chutes are fully factory assembled with all joints welded or lock seamed. There is one expansion joint per floor. All chutes have a flush interior and are assembled without bolts, rivets or clips protruding into the chute opening. Chutes are equipped with chute support clips pre-positioned at the factory to insure proper chute alignment. The adjustable intake door and frame are securely fastened to the intake throat. If required, off-sets will be reinforced and supported in impact areas.

Our Basic Chute Contains:

  • Intake section(s) with specified door installed on unit.
  • Spiralled expansion section(s) to make up the balance of floor height.
  • Angle iron floor brace(s) to support the chute.
  • Outlet door equipped with a 165° fusible link to close in case of fire.
  • Full diameter vent in accordance with NFPA-82 Standards, to extend four feet above roof level.
  • Sprinkler and flushing head at the top of the chute with additional sprinkler heads at every other floor.