Operable Partitions

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Kwik-Wall offers a complete range of acoustically-rated wall systems that have been engineered to meet the most demanding sound control requirements. With STC ratings from 33 to 55, Kwik-Wall has the right panel for the application.

Kwik-Wall is known for its revolutionary designs and high quality. As a division of Raynor Corporation, Kwik-Wall has had the resources to invest in new technology and equipment to establish it as one of the premier accoustical wall manufacturers.

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Over the years, Kwik-Wall transitioned from wood panels to steel and steel reinforced operable partitions to meet the needs of our customers and to provide greater strength and rigidity in our products.

Our latest innovation is a new line of Moveable Glass Walls called Clear-Divisions. The Kwik-Wall experience, technology and expertise combined with glass produces the most functional and elegant movable walls available.

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Architectural features include: 16 gauge rust resistant hinges, positive stops, balanced frame supports, and wrinkle prevention construction. The clear anodized structural alloy aluminum track system features a lifetime guarantee in the original installation.

Clear Divisions