Fire Protection

The “water press” extinguisher contains water and compressed air.  It’s  effective on deep seated Class A fires.

This extinguisher contains liquid carbon dioxide under pressure, which is released by depressing the valve lever.  The clean agent is particularly effective on small Class B fires and is a non-conductor of electricity.

Truly an all-purpose extinguisher, the ABC Dry Chemical is the most popular unit currently on the market. These units break the chain reaction of Class B fires, fuses and insulates Class A fires, and is a non-conductor of electricity.

The traditional dry chemical design, this can be an economical choice for Class B and Class C fire protection, due to generally lower recharging costs.

EPA approved and government accepted and specified clean extinguishing agent Halotron 1. This agent discharges as a liquid, then quickly evaporates leaving no residue to clean up afterwards.

These units make for the ideal choice for commercial restaurant applications. By creating an effective saponification foam type blanket necessary for suppressing liquid cooking media fires. These offer the best possible portable fire protection available to supplement pre-engineered restaurant appliance fire suppression systems.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets


Cold rolled steel with white powder-coat finish.


No. 180 clear anodized aluminum.


No. 4 stainless steel.


A frameless acrylic door of clear or textured acrylic, same construction as the ambassador steel cabinets with a completely different door look.


Cabinet doors are available in US 10 satin bronze or US 3 polished brass.