Bathroom Partitions


Plastic laminate toilet partitions provide a superior combination of economy and design flexibility. Our high pressure laminate finishes meet or exceed all NEMA standards. They are bonded under pressure to a solid impact-resistant particle board core. Plastic laminate finishes include a palette of designer colors for coordination of partitions, vanities and countertops. They are the finish of choice for commercial and institutional installations where esthetics are essential.

Room Divider

Solid polymer (HDPE) toilet partitions are the ideal choice for high-traffic public facilities, parks and schools. They are environmentally safe and sanitary. Commercial cleaning agents may be used without damaging the surface. Solid polymer never needs painting and will not easily dent or chip. It is water resistant and is unaffected by steam or high humidity and cannot delaminate. It is the material of choice for low maintenance. Solid polymer toilet partitions are manufactured to rigid specifications and combine long lasting durability with attractive styling.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel toilet partitions are virtually indestructible and retain their gleaming beauty indefinitely. These units combine the strength of #304 stainless steel with a #4 satin finish, formed and bonded to a honeycomb core. All component gauges correspond to those fabricated with electrogalvanized steel. The face sheets are held rigid and in place by an interlocking strip.

Stainless steel components are impervious to just about any substance. They are corrosion resistant. Even scratches caused by deliberate vandalism can be removed with a simple buffing.


Powder-coated partitions provide high-tech quality at an economical price. The powder-coated finish is applied over stretcher leveled quality steel.

All steel components of the structure are electro-galvanized to protect against moisture and provide a proper base for the finish. The core is made of cellular honeycomb and provides strong construction and maximum sound attenuation.

They are highly resistant to wear and are made to withstand abuse, vandalism, impact, staining, fading, scratching, and scuffing.


Black-core phenolic partitions are the material of choice where durability and strength are required. These partitions are fabricated to stand the test of time. The dense components, combined with stainless steel brackets and fasteners, stand up to the most extreme conditions of moisture and humidity. Phenolic is impact, water, and corrosion resistant, and does not support bacteria.


Color-thru phenolic provides another reason to choose phenolic. True to its name, color-thru is made with surface color through and through, to help resist damage; and even discourage vandalism and abuse. Along with phenolic strength, durability and low maintenance requirement, color-thru phenolic is impact, scratch and graffiti resistant; also it has excellent screw holding power and all the advantages of traditional phenolic performance.